Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rockin' Boy Blogger Award

A while ago I blogged about the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award, which as the name already says, only goes to girls. A dear male friend of mine felt left out a bit and as I'm this supernice girl (hey, it's just the plain truth :D) and he's a supernice guy I thought I'm going to make him a button. So, Victor, here it is, especially for you:


The rules of the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award were that you could nominate five other bloggers. Hm, who are my favorites? Now, let me do some thinking as there are actually very few male bloggers that I read. Or hold on! Let me add some more rules first (somehow I love being first and being allowed to set the rules of the game :D). Don't give this award to any guy who:

a) thinks Bush is great
b) thinks it's ok to humiliate, torture, sodomize and do other inhumane stuff to people as had happened in Abu Ghreib or is happening in Guantánamo with the justification that American soldiers in Iraq are being killed
c) does believe that women have enough rights anyway and should shut up
d) is racist

because I can only bear this amount of stupidity and not more (I should better not have entered the political board of a certain forum today... ugh). That's about it, I guess (I might come up with other rules when I'm in bad mood and feel like letting it out on someone :D). Have I ever mentioned that some days I daydream about ruling the world as a benevolent dictactor? Knowing that I'm not flawless it might not be such a good idea, but really don't you also sometimes think that some people are so stupid they should have no rights at all and that everything would be better if you told them what to do? Why is it that I can be so blissfully ignorant of my own mistakes, but other people's stupidity has to be so obvious to me? :D

Anyway, here are the others on my list (although I so doubt that any of them ever reads knitting blogs :D):

* Satya, because he is cool and a fighter.
* Rob from No Cookies For Me, because he seems to be sincerely interested in feminist topics.
* Ben from Badscience, because he's so unbribable and you can't fool him with fluffy theories.
* Erich as the founder of Dangerous Intersection, where I troll the comment sections. :D

Grab your button and put it on your blogroll. :)

Edit: I just discovered that Roberta, who started the Rockin' Girl Award, was also so nice to start an award for the guys. As there is certainly no need for two awards, poor Victor will have to wait a bit more... Ok, hon, I'm sure you will receive it pretty soon! :)

Edit2: Seems like I got offical approval from Roberta. :)

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Elemmaciltur said...

Woohoo! Thank you! I'll do the blogging tomorrow.

greensatya said...

Hey thanks for giving me the award !!
I should also write a fresh new blog now.


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