Friday, January 19, 2007

Finished: Shetland Triangle

Pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn A. Clark, from Wrap Style
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr, 50% wool 50% Tussah silk, 630 yd/2 oz or 576 m/57 g
Color: Garnet
$5.50, bought at
Amount: 30 g
3.5 mm
Don't know, I made two more repeats than the original, then blocked like crazy (I think I blocked it way way too much. I'm surprised the yarn didn't snap at some point, this shawl was so tense and tight like it was receiving a facelift)
120 cm wide and 56 (? sorry, am not quite sure anymore) cm from the tip to the long edge
Modifications: Two more repeats. I also thought I'm going to skip the last row, because I also didn't want such pointy edges, but didn't realize until now that he said "the last patterned row". I skipped the row that was written out, but oh well, it looks ok. I think next time I would add more repeats. The shawl looks nice, but the blocking was hard work.

The book: It's wonderful, such nice patterns. I'm not a poncho fan, but all these little capelets and ponchos look cute. I think I nearly like it even more than the Scarf Style book. I'd definitely recommend it.

The pattern: Very easy to memorize. A fast and quick knit.

Here are some of the pictures in the book.

Honestly, I don't really know how to wear a shawl without looking like a granny. I like them, they look lovely, I like knitting them, but somehow I'm not really convinced that I'm wearing them the right way. The pic is blurry, because I turned of the flash; if I leave it on, my half closed eyes make me look like a junkie (also, you would see all the spots on the mirror :D)

Unblocked. Shall I complain again that the flash distorts the colors? Or was the light in my room so bad?

Blocking was a torture.

Looks like it has been blocked really tightly, doesn't it? But at least it drapes nicely.

So, what am I going to knit next? I started another Shetland Triangle with a beautiful blue silk that I got from
(I didn't take this picture by the way, it's from their website, because my batteries are nearly empty and the color is well represented in this foto, the yarn is a bit more shiny in reality though. The color is azure.)

I have to say though, I'm not really a fan of needles smaller than 2.5 mm (which already seems somewhat painful). This shawl I'm knitting with 2 mm *eek*. I also am not really thrilled with the inelasticity of the yarn, especially since it's so thin (2500 yd/150 g). I think next time I will use it doubled.

Here are the other colors that I bought.

Melissa and Bonbon. Both are also cute colors.

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Cheryl said...

Your Shetland Triangle looks beautiful! I have the same thing with shawls, I don't think I wear them very well. I always look a little granny-ish. But you're right, they're so much fun to knit.


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