Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finished: Backyard Leaves Scarf

Pattern: Backyard Leaves Scarf by Annie Modesitt, from "Interweave Knit Gifts, Holiday 2006", can also be found in "Scarf Style"
Yarn: Siena Big by Wolle Rödel, 100% merino, 80 m/50 g
Color: #14241
Price: about 3 €?
Amount: 4.5
Needles: 4.5 mm, recommended were 5 - 6 mm, but somehow I prefer a tighter gauge
Gauge: not necessary, because it's a scarf - yay! :D
Dimensions: 2.30 m long (I think I will shorten it, it's just too long for me) and 12 cm wide (could probably be a bit wider, but I didn't block it very much, just lightly to preserve the 3-dimensionality of the leaves)
Modifications: 15 pattern repeats on each half instead of 11, but I think I will take out two pattern repeats, because the scarf is so long

I like the color, even though it's a very bright green, but I think with the Karabella Aurora 8 it would have been a bit nicer, because it's more fluffy and thicker. I think next time I would substitute it with Karabella Aurora Bulky, that would make the scarf wider so that you can also use it in winter, that one is a bit too skinny for me.

Although there were so many pattern repeats to knit, I was not able to remember the pattern by heart, but still had to glimpse every once in a while at my copy, because the pattern repeat is long and strangely it's not symmetrical as I would have expected. Overall I think it's a very very cute pattern and if I find a nice and suitable yarn some day I might do another again.

My model today is a very old teddy bear that my brother loved to death as a kid. Now he sits on my couch and seems to be quite happy to wear such a nice scarf. :)

Oh, and I would definitely recommend the magazine and the book. Both have a lot nice designs. I was skeptical regarding the magazine as I had assumed that it would be full of Christmas stuff like stockings and handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree, I did not even bother to check it's content on the Interweave website, but my grandma sent me a copy and it turned out to be a collection of really great and beautiful designs from old Interweave Knit issues. I'm really glad I have it now. :)

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