Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 has started!

Mystery Stole 3 has started and I'm sososo excited! :D After seeing Melanie's fabulous designs I just had to buy some of her patterns (at the moment I'm knitting the Hanami stole using laceweight cashmere in a color called "rumour" ("orchid" seems to be a more common name for this color)) and now I'm going to participate in this knitalong! I just signed up for the knitting group, don't forget to sign up , too, because the group closes on July 6. This is going to be such fun! :D

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Rachel said...

Wow, hand wound? Very impressive! My hand wound balls always look more like lumpy fruit -- I definitely would have thought yours was straight off a ball winder!

The stole looks great. I love patterns that are so logical and simple but give such intricate-looking results.


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