Friday, January 18, 2008

Update on "Asian people and Down Syndrome" article

So, I'm one of the worst bloggers in the world, which is not really any news, but yesterday while trying to clean up the mess that is in the background, meaning all the drafts and unfinished posts I had started and that you have never been able to see, I stumbled over this post and I realized that I had not posted it (it's from 24 November 2007 - oh...). I think I need to go to bed earlier and sleep more. I'm such a scatterbrain.

That's the post and it's not up to date at all, because I did write an email to all the editors, but right now I think I'm a bit too tired to write anything longer and coherent, therefore I'll just post this old update now and write a new update on this topic as soon as possible. Stay tuned, I will tell you who is the nice guy and who sucks. :D Ok, just kidding, sort of. :D

Ok, I contacted Mr. Damásio who told me he had not been involved with this article at all and had no clue about, but was so kind to recommend me to contact the editor-in-chief, Dr. Bruce Charlton, who in his own words he considers "a reputable and serious scientist". Mr Charlton's answer was:

Thank you for your communication. I do not have any statement to make. The web site for Medical Hypotheses states: "In Medical Hypotheses, the authors' responsibility for the integrity, precision and accuracy of their work is paramount."

So, the authors of an article are responsible for their work. The Correspondence section of the journal is a venue for submission of scientific critique of articles we have published.

Sincerely, Yours, Bruce Charlton

That seems to be his usual response to anybody who asks about this article (by the way, he did not even bother about any kind of salutation). I was somewhat speechless... I've considered contacting all the editors in this magazine and informing them about this article, but I wonder if they would be interested at all.

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Vicki Baker said...

Hi, I saw this earlier and meant to comment but, oh well. This is so incredibly lame. There's enough bizarre stuff floating around out there that we don't really need "reputable scientists" contributing to the problem.


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