Monday, March 17, 2008

Stories from Absurdistan: Creeps and idiots

Once upon a time I went to our local swimming pool. This country is famous for its "Freikörperkultur" (my statement that the French were more explicit and open about their bodies encountered an indignant "But you Germans have FKK!" from a French student to the amusement of the other people in the train. I may also add that I only made this claim after he told me that he liked running around naked at home and that his mom and sister were not really fond about this. :D), but guess what, when you go to a normal public swimming pool the changing rooms for men and women are still separated. But obviously some people have difficulties grasping this fact, I kid you not.

A couple of weeks ago I came out from the shower, wrapped in a towel and what do I see, I see a man lingering around. Exactly one week before I had caught two guys hanging out there and let me tell I was not pleased. I understand that you might get lost in new places and the signs might be a bit misleading, but the moment I see a woman coming out from the shower I as a guy must have some doubts if I'm at the right place, right? I as a woman would if I saw a guy with a towel wrapped around him, but these guys just kept lingering around after I told them very clearly that they were in the changing area for women and that the changing rooms for men was further down the hallway. Not much action from them and an apology was also far away. I know how a mistake looks like and they looked like assholes. People in this situation usually act differently, they look surprised, they apologize, they try to leave as quickly as possible. These guys here? None of these. So, one week later it's the same situation again. I come out from the shower and I find another guy here. He was around 70 with someone whom I later assumed to be his wife. My first reaction was to get pissed off. I know what sexual harrassment means; it's something that really makes me angry and I have no qualms showing it. I told him that this was the changing area for women and that he had to leave. He kept standing in this changing booth, talking with his wife what to do next. Now that infuriated me even more. Normal people with some manners would have gotten outside and discussed further procedures there, but he kept on lingering there, while his wife started to look nervous, trying to get rid of him, but he just didn't move. I started to get really loud. I didn't call him names or anything, but I was very clear that I wanted him to get out as soon as possible. Another woman who was standing there told me that I could say it nicer, but well, I'm not nice to creeps (and lady, if I had kids as you have I would be a bit more careful about strangers who trespass boundaries...). By the way, have you kept track of the number of women who were present? It was me, his wife and this other woman, maybe even more women, but I don't remember exactly. And he is supposedly too stupid not to understand that this is obviously not the changing room for men??? Anyway, he wasn't thrilled about the way I told him to leave and told me, "If you don't stop shouting, we can go outside and settle it there." HUH??? He was 70 and at least 1,80 m. I'm a woman, pretty small and at that moment was only wearing a towel and this idiot suggests that we go outside and deal with it like real men do??? Someone go and light a candle for his wife, please.

He's lucky I didn't take the challenge and show him what real men can do *spits on the floor - pffft* :D instead I went home and sent an email to the municipalities (gaawd, how civilized...). I got a nice answer back telling me that the signs might be a bit misleading, but that these guys were certainly not there by mistake and to inform the pool guards if it happened again. I interpret this as, "Next time you see another creep, just scream for the pool guards." - No problem! :D

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Elemmaciltur said...

Ya know, you should've just kicked the old creep in the crotch and yell: "Take that, you old raggy bastard!"


Oh, that's just me. *Muahahahaha*

greensatya said...

Wow,just cause he was there does not mean he was a creep. I can smell feminism in this. What's wrong if a man is in the women's changing area ? Big deal, huh?



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