Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rambling or projektleiterin's pearls of wisdom

*The girl in the movie "Happy-go-lucky" is extremely annoying. If you are a mature adult and know life in London you might enjoy the building up of tension that eventually leads to a happy catharsis and an understanding of the whole picture. - I don't. :D Maybe I would have liked it if I had had enough stamina to bear with her giggle fits at the most inopportune moments and the lack of a story line, but I didn't.

*Romance is a social construct like race. If they produce more movies where the woman is older than her male counterpart then I will change my mind.

*One day when they invent a pill against menopause the world will go down the gutter. When women become independent from their cruel biological clock and can be as carefree as men about reproducing, they will also choose to take a little bit more time to grow up. Women are just a bit more mature than men because they have to. Give them control over their reproduction and humankind will be screwed! Mark my words!

Please keep in my mind, years from this day on, that I was the first one to develop this theory. Future sociologists (my best buddies) will hail my foresight and ingenuity. :D

*Last week I went to a swing dancing class. It was fun, but half of the guys had cold and sweaty fish hands. And two smelled of alcohol. And onions. But no sweaty armpits. Justice where justice is due. :D Most were also very badly dressed. If you think that I am superficial I would recommend that you take a good hard look at yourself. When was the last time you felt attracted to someone? Was it purely because of his/her intellect? His/her inner values? I know people who insist that they be loved for who they are, that wearing make-up is deceit and nice clothes are something superficial. I think, if you want unconditional love you should get a dog or stay with your parents. We all want to be loved for who we really are, at the same time I don't believe that we fall for people for who they really are. It's a double standard. And I really believe we should like ourselves enough to want to give ourselves the best. And go to a yoga class and AA. :D

*I'd like to run all these people over who cross the street without looking at all if a car or bike is coming. I don't support cruelty against animals, so I don't do this, but really... I also would like to run the stupid drivers over who don't care if they kill me or not, but I'm afraid they're stronger and bigger than me. Instead I shake my fist to the heavens and curse the mother that bore them. :D

*Do flatmates know that running around in shorts and shirtless in the morning is pretty sexy? Thank God I do not really dig him that much, but he's eye candy in the morning. :D

*I think I'm digging a guy who hit on me, tried to convince me that he was trustworthy and did not tell me that he had a girlfriend. Doh... He apologized though. I now find myself secretly hoping that he breaks up with her. She's gone anyway and she will be away soon for another nine months...

I do not even think he is that cute... Curse my freaking irrationality... Thanks to my superficiality and the shallowness of my feelings though I probably will be over him in a couple of weeks.

(Thought I should also come up with a dirty confession, you might otherwise believe I'm a saint ;-) Did I mention he is very very likely 7 years younger than me? - No comment. :D )

*I read a blog today that I found pretty good: The English lessons are very short (thumbs up), but entertaining and interesting. Many things I already knew, but it was good to be reminded of some basics, while others were new to me.

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Elemmaciltur said...

Just admit that you totally dig your flatmates. I would, if they were mine. :-p

projektleiterin said...

If you had roommates I would tell them to look their door at night. :p

Markus B. said...

I'm deeply impressed by your knitting. No kidding.. I must admit that knitting is something totally beyond my comprehension... :-)) But like I said: fascinating what you you do there...

oh, and thanks a lot for your kind words... :-)


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