Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finished: Lilly's Leaf Shawl

Pattern: Lilly's Leaf Shawl by Lillysmuul
Yarn: Wollmeise sock yarn, 100% merino superwash, 150 g skein (574 yards), 350 m/ 100 g, wash at 30 °C
Color: "Farn"
Price: around 15 € per skein?
Amount: well, more than I thought in the beginning! I ran out of yarn after finishing the body and I had to start a new skein for the edge. Of course, I hadn't bought a second skein. I tried the skein that one of my friends had, but the color was too muted. I finally succeeded obtaining another skein by contacting Claudia from Wollmeise. She was supernice and did indeed have a similar skein. It's not a perfect match, but the difference is not too obvious.
Needles: I think 4.5 mm (sorry, I didn't write it down and between finishing and blocking a lot of time passed. I finished it sooo quickly, but not having jigsaw mats to block it delayed the whole finishing process.)
Gauge: -
Dimensions: 168 wide and from the center to the tip it's 80 cm (I measured after blocking it, usually my shawls shrink a bit after that)
Modifications: none

It's a nice and easy pattern. The main body is composed of a quite popular Estonian stitch pattern that I have already seen used a couple of times in other shawl designs. At the upper edge and on both sides of the center you have a leaf pattern.

The yarn surprisingly looks very very much like cotton. If I didn't know that this was merino, I would have assumed that this was cotton. Many knitters I know think the same. I don't think this is something positive or negative, I was just surprised about its texture. The colors are fabulous, many many shades of green. I really really liked the first skein I bought. The colors were brilliant and just perfect greens. The second skein was also nice, but the green was tiny bit more muted and blueish. I'm usually not such a Wollmeise fan, but this colorway I liked a lot.

Lilly's Leaf Shawl

The next two pictures were taken by a friend's boyfriend.

Lilly's Leaf Shawl

Lilly's Leaf Shawl

Lilly's Leaf Shawl Lilly's Leaf Shawl Lilly's Leaf Shawl Lilly's Leaf Shawl

I'm not sure if I should keep the shawl or give it away. I never knit shawls in this size (it's really big) and I have no clue how to wear it without looking like a granny. I think it doesn't look that bad in the first picture. I could also use it like a scarf and wrap it around my neck. Or I could give it to my grandma who likes green. Shall I keep it? What do you think?

6 Kommentare:

lillysmuul said...

Thank you for knitting my shawl!
You have done great work!
This green is really yummy!
I love it too!
And wearing it on one side is so modern chick,(not granny at all!)
You could allways make one for granny as well,she will be surely grateful! ;D

Me said...

total super schoen! Ich finde das Muster schoen, und finde auch, dass Du ihn prima einfach zu Bluse und Jeans drueberwerfen kannst, statt Strickjacke, sobald es kalt wird. Irgendwie finde ich, dass die intensive Farbe es nicht omahaft aussehen laesst. Hach, und ich mag die Farben: das sieht nicht wild aus, sondern geht einfach ineinander ueber -- ich werde auch irgendwann mal Wollmeise ausprobieren muessen. Richtig schoen!

handknit168 said...

very excellent and very beautiful

Esoteric Knitter said...

Soo pretty!! I love the color too!

Elemmaciltur said...

Well, as long as you wear it to one side it will look chic enough and not granny-like. Although I never thought of shawls as granny-like at all.

projektleiterin said...

Thank you everybody! That's really sweet what you said about the shawl. :) I'm going to keep it and knit something else for my grandma.


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