Monday, January 05, 2009

Finished Morning Surf Scarf and handspun yarn

Roving: 4.5 oz Domestic Spinning Wool
Colorway: Cyanotrichite

Pattern: Morning Surf Scarf by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer (scroll down to click on the link, since she had this introductory text I didn't want to link directly to the pattern instructions)
Yarn: Handspun, see above
Color: Cyanotrichite
Price: ?
Amount: about 4.5 oz (about 130 g)
Needles: 3.75 mm (Takumi bamboo needles, they're really nice to knit with. I think they didn't make this annoying scraping noise that the other bamboo needles make. I stopped using them and mostly used wood needles, but resorted to these, because I don't have many 3.75 mm needles and the others were already stuck in some other project.)
Gauge: I think my yarn was in the 13 - 15 WPI (wraps per inch) range. For this she recommends to cast on 66 stitches
Dimensions: Good size for a scarf
Modifications: None, I was a willing slave to the instructions. The pattern is easy, but it's still not fun to knit. I wasn't able to get the pattern in the beginning for whatever reason and ended up tinking and ripping back (20 cm once!) more than I ever had for most of my other knitting projects.

The pattern is great for highlighting short color repeats, because with the dropped stitches you create bigger color patches than you would with a couple of knit stitches and this yarn was a bit problematic. Since I don't have much experience with spinning, the colors in the yarn blended and mixed a lot, creating a somewhat muddy look. If I had chosen a pattern with a lot of stockinette stitch it would have looked even more muddy, but with dropped stitches it turned out not perfect, but also not too ugly. Actually, everybody who saw it assured me that it looked fine. Yay! :)

Handspun yarn for Morning Surf Scarf
Morning Surf Scarf from handspun yarn Morning Surf Scarf from handspun yarn
Morning Surf Scarf

I think I need to clean my mirror... On the floor you can see the slippers made with Feltro that I mentioned here.

The scarf was a Christmas present for my mom and the light was usually not so good for taking pictures, so the pictures are not so great. The colors are also of the kind that are difficult to capture properly. And now I don't have the scarf anymore. I also made a pair of felted slippers for her and my aunt. And I finished another Paisley Shawl for my Grandma in a very nice green alpaca yarn from Drops (she will get it after Christmas though... :o).

Some laceweight yarn that I finished recently:

2-plyed laceweight

I'm pretty pleased with how the yarn turned out. Even when they colors got mixed up, the yarn still looked good (on the first full bobbin you can see the colors of the two plies still match, except for the yellow-red and green orange part on the lower part; the yarn on the second bobbin has mixed colors everywhere).

Roving: 4 oz kettle dyed BFL (Blue Faced Leicester)
Colorway: "Summersplash"

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Jen said...

OH - I think your scarf turned out great, and the colors look really nice. I made the same pattern with natural color and I found the same thing, the colors really were featured with the dropped stitches. Very nice lace weight yarn too, look forward to see what you make with it!

Anonymous said...

Wow - the scarf is gorgeous!

I esp. love the colorway - colors of the ocean / sea & the sea foam texture / stitch :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for share.


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