Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tim Minchin has a new fan

I just saw this video with Tim Minchin. I think he is awesome. You may not agree with the content of his rant, but you must admit that he is fantastic with words and that the background music perfectly supports his rant.

Here's another one.

Minchin describes his act as a "funny cabaret show" and sees himself primarily as a musician and songwriter as opposed to a comedian; his songs, he says, "just happen to be funny".[12] He draws on his background in theatre for his distinctive onstage appearance and persona.[1] In his performances, he typically goes barefoot with wild hair and heavy eye makeup, which is juxtaposed with a crisp suit and tails, and a grand piano. According to Minchin, he likes not wearing shoes in his shows because it makes him feel more comfortable. He considers the eye makeup important because while he is playing the piano he is not able to use his arms and relies on his face for expressions and gestures; the eyeliner makes his features more distinguishable for the audience.[2] Much of his look and persona, he says, are about "treading that line between mocking yourself about wanting to be an iconic figure. Mocking the ridiculousness and complete unrealistic dream of being an iconic figure."[13] The eccentric appearance removes Minchin from reality somewhat, allowing him to make outrageous statements onstage "without annoying (most) people".[14]

3 Kommentare:

Oliver W. said...

Absolut köstlich, muss ich mir merken!

projektleiterin said...

Hast du auch das andere Video gesehen? Ich finde es noch einen Tick besser.

Oliver W. said...

Verstehe. Ich bin sicher, Hannes Wader hatte eine ähnliche Gesprächserfahrung gemacht bevor er den "Tankerkönig" schrieb... :-)


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