Monday, August 17, 2009

Finished: Sewn skirt with ruffles

Pattern: Oops, I can't really remember... I remember using Sew What! Skirts: 16 Simple Styles You Can Make with Fabulous Fabrics It's a nice book which teaches you let your creative juices flow and design your own skirt.

Comments: I like the fabric a lot. The skirt is not too bad either. When I made it I was thinking about something à la Provence. I don't know how old this skirt is. I tried it on a couple of weeks ago and thought it didn't look so bad and I realized that it only needed a zipper. Me, giving up on things that are only inches, nah, milimeters, away from being finished? Ne-ver...

There's a zipper in the back. Instead of using some elastic for the waist I used a long bow/tie/ribbon? (I'm also struggling right now with the right word for it in German... ahem... Schleife? Band?). It's superlong, so I can wrap it around me and tie into a bow.

Colorwise the first picture is probably closest to the true color, although I like how bright and nice the blue is in the third picture. And I really like the ruffles. :)

I have some fabric left to make pouches or bags for my knitting. Awesome! :)

Skirt Skirt Skirt

You may have noticed that I fixed my template. The guy who created the first template must have deleted the images, hence, all the error messages. I got a similar template somewhere else at and spent Sunday afternoon tweaking it here and there. Now most issues have been fixed. The template has been adapted for Blogger and is based on "Integral" from The template is based on "Integral" from and was adapted for Blogger. Hm, I think, I should go and save all the images before they disappear again.

5 Kommentare:

Markus B. said...

Bin ich jetzt wirklich der erste, der das neue Template lobt?! ;-) Sieht gut aus!

projektleiterin said...

Das ist kein neues Template... :( Ich habe das alte wieder rekonstruiert.

Markus B. said...

Mein' ich doch. ;-) sieht jetzt trotzdem wieder gut aus! :-)

projektleiterin said...

Da sind lauter hübsche neue gestrickte und genähte Sachen!!!! Sind die dir gar nicht aufgefallen??

Markus B. said...

Natürlich sind mir die aufgefallen!! Aber die sehen ja sowieso immer gut aus.. ;-)


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