Friday, April 27, 2007

Thou shall not buy multicolored yarn...

Guess what, I bought sock yarn although I never knit sock.I'm such a sucker for nice coloured yarn - aaaah! I just know, all this beautiful skeins once knit up will lead to multicolored thingies, which I totally hate, and still, the temptation overwhelmed me and I bought two skeins from It looks gorgeous and many many people will like it, it's just - I'm not much into multi variegated yarn ("It's not you hon, it's me." :D).

If I had known the yarn (the skein on top) would look like this when wound into a ball I would not have bought it, probably :D (guess what, years ago I would have joyfully bought a multicolored ball, taken it home and then be thoroughly disappointed when I discovered that the ball looks nice, but that I nevertheless hated the mix of colors in the knitted item. Now I buy the skeins. I'm such a suuucker. :D). I'm saying probably, because regardless of what I knew I'm a hopeful optimist sometimes and I still ventured out and tried knitting a scarf with it, to be more precise an Argosy scarf. And guess what, I didn't like it. Surprise, surprise! :D I also am kind of sure that Noro would not be among my favorite yarns (blasphemy to write something like this on a knitting blog, I know, I know). And did I already say that I don't like tie-dye very much either? It gives me the same kind of shiver, not sure why.

Some people suffer from I-can-only-knit-one-sock-the-second-one-bores-
me-too-much-syndrome, I have not even managed to finish the one I started last year, the first one ever.The charm of handknit socks is somehow lost on me. I have started to like them a bit better though and alto to appreciate waering them in winter and at home. Still, I will probably never find that handknit socks and high heels or sandals go well together. Aside from my aesthic objections I also have trouble understanding the construction of socks. In four words - I don't get it. And that bugs me. As I was stuck with the yarn now, I decided to give socks another try and unravel the mystery of sock knitting. I rarely show pictures of projects in process, somehow I'm slow with taking pictures, but I will do now, hoping that someone will remember this one in a couple of months and ask me about its whereabout.

By the way, the second skein I gave to my mom, I'm kind of sure that I will not venture again for multi variegated yarn (I also don't have a ball winder - have fun, mom :D Ok, I did offer to wind the second skein into a ball for her, out of sheer curiosity to see how it would look like, but she declined my selfless offer).

And now - the sock (actually the pattern doesn't look that bad):

I'm somewhat afraid though that it's a bit tight, which demotivates me a bit (or is this just an excuse?).

I often think I need to stop doing things of which I know I will very very likely regret them in the future. Sometimes it's yarn, sometimes guys. Sometimes I curse my hopeful optimism. Well, not the optimism actually, more the irrational hope that things will turn out differently than they did before, the banging of your head against the wall believing that one day the wall will get a headache and not you. :D

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Krawuggl said...

Das könnt ich geschrieben haben, ich kauf auch immer wieder Wolle, nur weil mir die Farben so gut gefallen und eigentlich mag ich keine allzu bunte Kleidung, und Socken strick ich eigentlich auch nicht gern. Aber ab und zu, wenn ich mir wieder mal meine Schublade voll bunter Sockenwolle anschaue, denk ich mir, wie nett sie doch eigentlich aussieht, und daß ich selbstgestrickte Socken zuhause gern anzieh, und daß Sockenstricken ja doch irgendwie sowas Entspannendes an sich hat, nicht nachdenken müssen, so gut wie keine Maschen zum zählen, keine komplizierten Muster, einfach nur sitzen und eine kleine Nadel nach der anderen stricken. Immer im Kreis rum. Und wie hübsch es doch wäre, im Winter die Schublade aufzumachen und statt der Knäuel fein säuberlich die fertigen Sockenpaare drin zu finden. Das wäre doch fein - warum mach ich es dann nicht? Wahrscheinlich geht´s mir da so wie dir, ein kleines Knäuel tut manchmal so gut, wenn man Wolle kaufen will/muß/möchte und eigentlich ist Sockenstricken doch vergeudete Zeit, die für viel schönere, wichtigere Dinge genutzt werden kann. Oder doch nicht?


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