Monday, June 30, 2008

The fear of looking like an orange sausage

Orange dress, originally uploaded by projektleiterin.

I'm blocking a dress. It's not finished yet, the collar is missing (it's a long white stripe, similar to the one that you see in the picture, that you sew to the rest of the dress. It's not finished yet.).

As far as now I can tell you that the dress fits very very tightly... A kind soul suggested that I wetblock it on my body. Ha, ha, good joke Mr. I-have-a-pimple-in-my-nose.

I also have two balls left?! My swatch was off by half a stitch, but when I knit the dress I used metal needles instead of the wood needles with which I knit the swatch and this dress is knit in the round (of course, I did not swatch in the round. Only people who do not believe that their magic knitting skills make everything end well do this but when you realize you have two balls left and whatever you are knitting fits very tightly left you do start wondering a bit about your gauge.

Tomorrow when it's dry we'll see!

6 Kommentare:

melusine_tricote said...

J'adore !!! ça fait très seventies !

Elemmaciltur said...

I thought that the wet-suit blocked-on-body idea was nifty. ;-p

projektleiterin said...

Squish-squash your pimple and be quiet. :p

projektleiterin said...

Melusine, the dress does indeed look lovely (from afar at least):

that girl n said...

That is a cute-looking dress, in a mod/gogo kind of way. Do let us know how it comes out after blocking, please.

Stephanella said...

Dear Projekt Leiterin, I have been reading your blog for some time and have tagged you in mine. I hope you're not against MEMEs!

All the best,



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