Saturday, June 07, 2008

First attempts at spinning

I bought the fibers at Wolle Rödel, but I don't think they had been really meant to be spun into yarn. Probably for more suitable for other handicrafts. The pink stuff was the second product that my talented spinning fingers gave live to. The talent is clearly clearly there. Me, not stupid, also had bought something called "Eiderwolle", a white something that smells like sheep and produced a pre-product for ropes. I concluded spinning was something for fine motor geniuses...

The fibers from Wolle Rödel were not ideal, but I was able to spin much finer singles. The green ball gave me hope that I might be able to spin something nice one day. Spinning is pretty hypnotic, by the way. Or meditative?

Handspun Handspun

Rovings from TheFiberDenn at Etsy. I spun two small samples to see how it would work out. As you can see I have improved tremendously. :D After spinning with the sticky Wolle Rödel stuff, these rovings were supereasy to spin. Laceweight? - Easy as pie!

DSCN5398 Handspun

On the left hand side:
Fiber: Fine Shetland
Colorway: PeachesNCream

On the right hand side:
Fiber: Corriedale
Colorway: Coleus
Quite overtwisted... I will finish the sample I'm knitting at the moment and maybe it won't be that bad.

Spun with this spindle:

It looks a bit like a toy, but it spins well actually.

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Sternenelfin said...

Hey das sieht ja wirklich klasse aus !!!!! Das hast du echt super gemacht! Toll :-) Bin schon wie deine nächste Wolle aussieht.
Viel Spaß! Ich hab gestern auch mein Garn verzwirnt.. trocknet grad noch.
Schönen Sonntag wünsche ich dir.
Liebe Grüße

projektleiterin said...

Danke! :)

melusine_tricote said...

Wow ! These balls of wool are amazing ! Thank you for your visit on my blog, and for your nice comment !


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