Monday, August 04, 2008

Bloody flickr...

You have 171 photos stored on Flickr. Once you hit 200, you'll need to upgrade to a Flickr Pro account or you'll only be able to see your most recent 200 photos.

Nothing will be deleted, and if you upgrade, you'll have unlimited space for all your things. Perhaps you'd like to upgrade to Pro now? You'll even get 3 months free for purchasing before 30 September 2008!

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Elemmaciltur said...

You know that there are widgets you can use to retrieve your older Flickr photos without upgrading to a pro account, right? If not, then go check out Flickr Leech. ;-)

I only have a pro account because I like the fact that I can store and download photos with full resolution on there.

projektleiterin said...

Ok, but I still wonder if my old pictures will be available for Ravelry if the number of pictures exceeds 200.


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