Friday, August 08, 2008

Finished: Gretel beret

Pattern: "Gretel" beret by Ysolda Teague (I'm also wearing the Backyard Leaves Scarf by Annie Modesitt)
Yarn: Numero Uno Tweed by Lana Grossa
Color: Green
Price: ?
Amount: 1.5 balls?
Needles: ?
Gauge: a bit smaller, I think, but the beret is still big enough
Dimensions: Fits
Modifications: None

I'm pretty late with posting about that one, I think I finished it last year? But never say never! (Hmm, that green of the scarf looks a bit dull in the picture...). It's a ver nice pattern. I made another one with Rowan Felted Tweed in pink, but I haven't uploaded the pictures yet. The cables take a lot of time though, even when you don't use a cable needle.

Gretel beret

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Vicki Baker said...

Nice! For some reason I find lace patterns just impossible to do. I can do pretty complicated color patterns but for some reason lace is beyond me. Last night I tried one of the simplest patterns possible "Feathers and Fan" or "Old Shael" and I came up with 3 extra stitches on the first row of pattern counting. Then I unpicked, recounted to make sure I had the right number of stitches, then tried the pattern again and still came up with extra stitches!

projektleiterin said...

Maybe you could try to color code the charts? Like green for ssk, red for k2tog and blue for yarnovers.

Also, if you end up with more stitches than you had in the beginning it might mean that you haven't done enough decreases. In most lace patterns the number of yarnovers in a row is the same as the number of decreases.

Angelita said...

vaya si que sales linda en la foto, los tonos verdes son los tuyos ese gorro y la scarf te quedaron geniales!!!!!


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