Saturday, July 29, 2006

Modified version of the Phildar no. 20a

That's the Phildar sweater no. 20a from "Tendances" automne 05/06.

I probably knitted this sweater two or three times at least... (har, har, har :D). I'm sure I had to do thousands of modifications, I swear, thousands. :D

It's shorter in general, the neckline is higher, the armholes are also smaller, the sleeves are shorter, can remember anything else right now. (Ok, ok, I'm a short person, but still...) Oh, I also used a different yarn.

I used "Klassik with Teflon" by Schoeller+Stahl, color 14. Recommended needles are 3-4mm. [I don't know how many balls I needed. I'm sure it's less than 10, but I would have to weigh it. If someone drops me a line and asks I will weigh my sweater, but right now I'm too lazy. :D ). I used 3mm and 3,5mm. My gauge was 24 sts x 32 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

I washed the swatch, but didn't block it. I also didn't block the whole sweater. I had tried to block another swatch and it looked flat, flatter than my hair :D, so I thought I would not block it. It looked awful before washing, pretty stiff and I thought this whole thing was awful (at least I had finished it - ha :D), but the yarn turned out pretty soft after washing and the sweater fit, so I just left it alone (no more fussing around with this damn thing :D ).

Is anyone interested in me writing down the complete modifications?

P.S. I'm indeed proud that I finished this thing. I had to frog so much, it was insane... The thing was so long that I had to frog about 20 cm. The neckline and shoulder part had to be reknit at least three times. Inbetween I had already set in the sleeves, but it looked so ugly that I had to redo the shoulders again. But it's finished now! Yay! :)

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Audrey Gayle said...

Way nice work! I always wished I could make clothes... That's on my list of things never done. I like the list you posted- Thanks for sharing!

projektleiterin said...

I just looked at your blog - your pictures are so pretty. *siiigh* ;) When I see pictures like yours I wish I had developed my drawings skills (this is also one thing on my list. :D). Anyway, I herewith encourage you to try making clothes. :)


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