Sunday, July 23, 2006

Why do I blog?

I'm lazy. I don't know why I have a blog. After reading so many knitting blogs I felt inspired to start one, too, but I haven't really felt like writing a lot about my knitting. But anyway, let me show you the latest project that I started a couple of days ago.

The design is from Schachenmayr Nomotta "Inspiration", issue 85 S4.

I chose this cute pink top (number 5882).

The top is knit in Punto Shine pink 235, 100m/50g. It's a 47% cotton/39% polyacrylic/14% polyamide blend. For size 36/38 4 balls are required, for size 40/42 5-6 balls. I paid 2,65 € for each ball, but I think on the internet you can get it for slightly less.

Here's a picture of my progress so far. I'm using needles size 3mm which gives a very tight knit, but with 3,5mm needles my stitches are just too loose. My gauge is, um, ok, required are 20 stitches x 28 rows for 10 cm x 10 cm, but as I already said, I'm knitting really tight and my piece is smaller than the original size, but I wanted a closer fit anyway. We'll see how it fits when it's finished... This just enhances the fun of knitting, you never know if it will fit or not. :D

I'm also working on a white top (my own design - how exciting, another risky project :D ), a pair of white socks, a purple purse, a shrug, a white bag, etc.

My mom calls me project leader, because I used to start so many projects and never finish anything. She recently frogged my old unfinished projects. I guess, it must have been at least 10, probably way more... I looked at the unfinished sweaters I had started and I was wondering who this girl was who started one project after another.

It was like a trip back to my youth. I saw stuff in horrible colors, horrible designs (where did I get these?? I must have created them on my own, because I remember I rarely chose something from magazines. Then most designs caused damage to the eyes. :D ) and awfully complicated patterns like Aran that would exhaust my patience now (at the moment I'm pretty happy with knitting in the round in stockinette stitch :D ).

It's difficult being a perfectionist. I obsess too much about details and that exhausts you eventually and kills the fun... :/

I think I haven't been touching needles for more than 15 years and it's just been for a couple of months that I started knitting again. I guess I've been able to overcome my perfectionist tendencies somewhat (I also claim that my taste has improved considerably :D ), because I have have already finished some projects since I have picked up the needles again, but it's still hard to stick through it and finish.

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