Sunday, July 23, 2006

Phildar "Tendances" no. 20a

As I'm writing anyway, I have to tell you about this sweater. :D It's from the Phildar "Tendances", automne 05/06.

The design doesn't have a name, just a number, no.20a.

Looks cute, doesn't it? Let me just tell you, this picture is one big fraud. If you follow the pattern exactly you will end up with something that looks quite different.

This sweater looks short, but in fact, it's really long. Compare it with the cardigan in this picture, that's about the same length, actually it's even a bit longer!

I had actually finished the front piece and was already starting to bind off for the armholes when I realized how long this thing was. Ugh... That's wayyy too long for me.

Then, you probably think the sleeves are close fitting? Yeah... Dream on. :D

Or the holes are not that bad? Well, I can only say, I used a different, finer yarn and smaller needles and I find the holes big enough to provide me with sufficient ventilation. Don't forget wearing a bra. :D

Yeah, don't forget to wear a bra, because you'll be showing cleavage, lots and lots of cleavage, with this thing. No kidding. If you don't have breasts that sag to your knees, be sure that you won't be able to cover the important bits with this sweater. :D

If I have taken pictures of my sweater I will post them together with my modifications.

By the way, in general, I think the Phildar magazines have great designs, but I'm scared now to start another of their knitting project. :D

This is one is cute, isn't it? I think I would change the sleeves though. Bell shaped sleeves probably would look better.

You can find more on their website: I've ordered a couple of magazines from their homepage and the fees for shipping within Europe were ok (a couple of Euros).

There's a knitalong here, but no one has shown pictures of her finished sweater yet (actually, I'm not surprised, I was about to throw this thing into the trash can...).

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