Saturday, December 29, 2007

Finished: Flower Basket Shawl 3

Pattern: Flower Basket Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark, from Interweave Fall 2004
Yarn: Alpaca Fashion by Schachenmayr Nomotta
Color: #122
Price: around 5 €/50 g
Amount: 3
Needles: 5 mm
Gauge: MIA :D
Dimensions: It's 118 cm wide and from the top center to the tip it measures 59 cm.
Modifications: I knit the second chart only 4 times instead of 10. I also did not start with the recommended provisional crochet cast-on. I tried another cast-on that does not require waste yarn (good, very good :)) You start with a circular needle and a slip knot. Then you take your working yarn and wind it around the two needles. Every loop will become a stitch. In the picture you can count three loop on each needle. Pull the second (lower) needle, the one with the slip knot, through all the loops till they rest on the cord. Start knitting the stitches on the first (upper) needle. I found my edge looked a bit nicer, but that might also be due to the thicker yarn. But in any case, you do not have to have to use waste yarn, which means you do not have to look for it (waste yarn is not always there when you need it, in my case at least).

What can I say, I have already knit two other Flower Basket Shawls, I just like the pattern. When I saw the yarn, I immediately thought it would look beautiful in this pattern. It's also easy to memorize and I wanted something that would knit up quickly (my aunt saw the Hydrangea Lace Scarf and mentioned that she also wanted to have something to wear around her neck). I also love the color. It's a very warm deep yellow with slight variations in color. And of course, nothing beats the soft cozy feeling of alpaca.

P.S. I think this cast-on only works well if you use thicker yarn. I did another Shetland Triangle with Misti Alpaca in laceweight and tried to do the cast-on with this method and it was a very fiddly thing. The crochet cast-on is probably preferable if you use thin yarn.

5 Kommentare:

S. said...

your cat looks so cute with the shawl - I really like the colour! I have ben addicted to lace knitting over Christmas (MS 3 and Snowdrop Shal

cranberry said...

Lovely. Really. It's a lovely colour, and the yarn sets off the pattern beautifully.

I really, really, really should get over my irrational fear of lace and do this pattern. But alas, I can hardly bear to cast on without bursting into tears.

I hear you about the politics though. Not a fan of Clinton by a long shot, and am sorry that Edwards won't place, but another Republican from that lot in office would bring the US to its knees.

Kelley said...

I love the shawl. It's one that's high on my list!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

melusine_tricote said...

Your cat is so lovely !

Krawuggl said...

Ist der hübsch! Ich hab ihn ja auch mal angefangen, gleich als das Heft rauskam, aber dann doch wieder aufgetrennt, denn irgendwie hatte ich das Gefühl ich seh aus wie eine Oma mit dem gestrickten Schultertuch. Aber die Ansichten ändern sich ja bekanntlich, und mit deinem Hinweis auf nur 4 Musterreihen - da seh ich mich schon glücklich damit auf meiner Hausbank sitzen. Wirklich hübsch!


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